Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Serena is going to take over the world

Serena can be an evil genius.  I swear I am going to wake up one day and she will be plotting to take over the world.  Though actually she probably would be plotting that while I sleep so that I don't see her doing it.  Proof why I think this:

1) She has figured out to let Jack go get the paper then when he comes back in with it to sneakily grab it from him and bring it to me like she went and got the paper.  She even does cute face and wags her tail.

2) My dad was in charge of her this weekend and said that she came over to him with her bowl wanting to be fed dinner.  He was busy and ignored her.  So she left and went and placed her bowl in Jack's bowl and brought them both to my dad and hit him with them.  I have no clue how she figured out to place them together.

3) I have her go turn off the switch every night for bed.  Usually she gets some sort of treat.  This night I didn't have a treat.  She went over and turned off the lights and came back to bed.  I told her good girl and petted her and continued watching TV.  Next thing I know, she is turning the lights back on.  Then she comes back into bed, curls up and goes to sleep.  I told her to go get the switch and she just looked at me like "no you go get it" and didn't move.  I had to find some sort of food in my room and show it to her then ask her again.  She got up, turned the lights off, ate her treat and went to sleep.  Damn smart dog.

She doesn't look like an evil genius though...


  1. Haha, aw Serena's such a smart little girl :)
    I'd gladly accept her as ruler of the world.


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