Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Serena and Jack go to a horse show!

This past weekend I helped out at a horse show that my farm was at.  Saturday I brought Serena along with me and oh boy did she have a good time.  She loves horse shows cause there are a ton of people who tell her how cute she is.  Plus we usually have lots of downtime which means Serena must entertain us with service dog tricks and she loves showing off!  She also is super tolerant while we do things like put hair nets on her:

Serena waiting by the ring: 

We practice her new found skill of hold.  She got to hold a Champion Ribbon.  She loved it!

Alice brought Jack on Sunday to join us.  Jack had never been to a horse show before and at first he was super hyper and excited about all the commotion.  We took a seat by the arena and Alice made Jack stay in a down.  Eventually he realized shows are not that exciting and took Serena's lead and just watched everything calmly.  He reverted back to hyper when he saw other dogs but by the end of the day he was walking around like a pro.  We got so many compliments from people saying what good labs we had!  I am so proud of both of them :-)

Jack ended up getting a dirt mustache on his big lips: 

Jack and Kendall modeling: 

The two good horse show dogs: 

What wonderful black labs: 

Serena was very tired after a long day! 

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