Thursday, August 5, 2010


Serena can pull down light switches now!  She kind of learned this trick by accident.  Normally they teach service dogs how to do this with a board and light at their level.  I was goofing around with her do "up" on the wall by the switch and she was sniffing it so I said "get it" and she grabbed and pulled down.  Awesome!!  So every day we have been working on "up" and then "get it" and eventually I turned it into "switch".  Today was the first day when I said switch and she put her paws on the wall and pulled down the light switch!  Next I will teach her to push it up with her nose!

After teaching her to do it on the light switch downstairs, we went upstairs and I showed her the one in my room.  Now when I go to bed I have her run over and shut off the lights :-)

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