Sunday, July 11, 2010


I haven't had a lot of time to update properly but I figured videos are the quickest way to show some things :-)

This is Serena's newest "trick".  It has no purpose for being a service dog other than it is cute.  I trained her to do this because she had major issues with laying on her side and relaxing while I pet her.  I think this is partially due to the fact that when we got her she was already 30lbs and I couldn't flip her over easily so she never got used to it.  So she used to think I was attacking her and would fight being on her side at all costs.  I challenged myself and taught her to "play dead."  Now she happily lays on her side for belly rubs and well throw herself to the ground if she thinks a treat might be in my hand.

The next video is also just for fun but totally silly.  Serena used to hate baths and would run away when I would call her to come get one.  The other day she played in the yard with another lab and got really hot and really dirty.  So I put her in the tub and she lay down cause the tile was cold.  I decided to just fill up the tub and see what happened.  At first she was a little worried and nervously drank some water because she was so thirsty.  Then something clicked in her head that is was just water and oh boy did the water dog in her come out.  This play session led to my bathroom being completely flooded and a soaking wet puppy but it was totally worth seeing Serena so happy :-)

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