Friday, May 7, 2010

2 days!

I have started packing for our cruise on Sunday and am realizing Serena is bringing more stuff than I am! I found a duffle bag that her foldable crate fits in which is a miracle. I also have to pack her food, a spare leash, a huge bag of treats for training while on the ship and multiple copies of her paperwork (she has a set in her vest, I have the originals, a set will go in my suitcase and I am giving Carly a set... I think we are covered). I probably will pack her ear medication (she had a yeast infection in both ears) and eye medication (in case the yellow goop comes back) just in case since I don't think the doctor on the ship will have dog medicine. I am not bringing her wet food since the cans are heavy... Serena will just have to deal with plain old dry dog food.

I found a hands free leash at PetSmart which I am super excited about. It was buried in with the other speciality leashes and I got the last one! This leash is great because it has clips at both ends; one attaches to Serena and the other can attach to one of the many rings on the leash. This way it can be a normal leash with a handle or it can go over my body and I have use of both hands. It also has other settings that I don't really use. I am so happy I found one right before the trip because now I can walk her through the airport and on the cruise and still have use of both my hands. It is also good for her to know how to walk attached to my body like that because a lot of people in wheelchairs use these leashes so they can operate their wheelchair and have control of the dog.

Pictures of her at the beach yesterday:

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  1. Hope you are both having a fabulous time on the cruise and all the pre-work has made it all worth while!!
    Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!
    xo, mom


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