Monday, February 8, 2010

New Command!

Wow I am posting a lot today! Finally found time!! It is cold out all the time and the prospect of huge amounts of snow don't exactly make me motivated to take Serena out on a whole lot of walks. This makes for a puppy who can't sit still. When this happens we do a training session! I decided to teach her how to get a tissue from the box. I thought it would take awhile but I think all the "get it" training is finally clicking. She picked up the command in no time! So of course I video taped the end of the training session. Sorry for the bad angle, I was training in the hallway randomly and didn't want to move the training session and confuse her! Tomorrow we will move it around the house and see if she really knows what I am saying.

Oh and because you haven't seen Reggie and Serena pictures in awhile; below are some more recent ones! Serena now knows what stall is Reggie's and will run to it and wait by it if I release her from heel. Her highlight of going to the barn is leading Reggie out of his stall and down the aisle to the cross-ties. I have to tell her to wait when I am getting his halter on otherwise she tries to grab his lead rope and pull! Thank God Reggie has the patience of a saint with her and doesn't care when she gets excited and tugs really hard!

We were practicing "jump on" here. Serena didn't like being on the box at all and it took me awhile to get her up there but she eventually did it with some help from me. Reggie liked that she was more at his level and he could smell her all over!

This is Luke the Mustang. He LOVES Serena and Serena loves him too because he lets her lick him all over and they do this awkward horse/dog language thing.

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